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Our products have directly impacted well over 100,000 customers in 132 countries around the world and counting!

Over 127,000 lives impacted

A proven track record

This business system was developed over 10 years ago & embodies a global community of like minded men and women who are passionate about assisting individuals with the teachings of our proven business system and Personal Growth principles. 

“After a failed marriage, I was forced to return to the workforce. Prior to being a Stay-at-home Mum I began my career in Sales and Marketing And soon was the VP of a multi-million Dollar business in Las Vegas. 

The thought of returning to the Corporate World made me ill. The late nights, stress & not being around for my kids was not going to work for me. I stumbled upon this online business & knew immediately it was for me! The business not only exceeds my financial goals each year but the work/life balance is priceless.”

Jodie Sacco, Las Vegas

I am a former CEO of a major corporation. I woke-up one day and realized that I was making the money but I was never home. Traveling around the world without my wife on business was not fun. I had reached the pinnacle of the "job" market but I did not have time freedom. I eventually found this business and it has transformed my life. We are now living all over California staying in beautiful vacation homes and we will be moving to Hawaii early next year. I can do this business from anywhere in the world and I never have to travel without my wife again.  - Michael

Michael & Arni Berry, Texas

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Now Expanding Worldwide

Let's first hear from Rachel - Company Co-Owner

Zandi Shaba

I'M ZANDI, I'm fortunate to run a business in an industry that I truly love, in Personal Development and Wealth Creation.

I have been working as a Corporate Bank Executive for over 25 years. Over the years I have worked in a number of countries as an expatriate. I am originally from Zimbabwe but now live in Malawi.

My business allows me to live where I choose to live, travel and explore the world in a way that I only could have dreamed about as a kid. I have been able to run my business part time as a Corporate Executive

My travels for my work and this business have taken me to over 30 countries from Australia to South Africa, USA, Singapore, Europe and many more. It's been an epic adventure! I always run out of pages on my passport every couple of years!

I'm passionate about working with motivated men and women who want to create this level of freedom and flexibility in their own lives. The people that are attached to this business have one thing in common. 

To create an extraordinary life filled with choices. 

Me making headlines as a business executive

Here I am in the Gold Coast in Australia with the top income earner in our company 

My family and I at my daughter's graduation in Pretoria South Africa

Fun times in Sydney Australia with other business owners in our business

THE PROBLEM THAT LED ME HERE:  I started my online business journey nearly 8 years ago. It all came about after becoming extremely dissatisfied with my job. I had this hole in my heart and a high level of discontentment with my career. Banking was the first job that came up after college and I just rolled into it and never left. As I rose through the ranks to become a corporate executive, I felt trapped by the corporate lifestyle and accompanying expectations.

I needed to identify a business that I would be passionate about as well as exceed the executive income that I had become accustomed to. I wanted to be both free and financially independent.

THE BUSINESS THAT WAS A BUST: From the beginning I always knew that my solution would come from a portable online business. After searching the web I found a number of "Make Money Online" businesses that I got into with great enthusiasm. I lost a lot of money. I soon started to panic and became disillusioned. I eventually gave up and went back to work. But the desire to run my own online business and be free just would not go away. I kept searching and kept failing. I tried affiliate marketing, MLM, blogging and many more.   I started to lose confidence in myself and my ability to run my own business.

THE BOOK THAT LED ME TO SUCCESS: I have always loved reading books, especially business and personal development books. But one day I came across the book by Tim Ferris called the 4-Hour Work Week. That book put a fire in my belly that could not be quenched. Since then I have read a number of personal development books such as The Miracle Morning, The Code of the Extraordinary Mind and countless others. These books helped me to re-build my self-esteem and confidence. I decided to try again.

I found myself on a website similar to the one that you're on now. There was something that drew me to the opportunity. So I popped my details in and here we are now!

THE BUSINESS THAT WAS A BOOM: The business that I was led to that day, is the business that I still run today. Representing award winning Personal Development and Wealth Creation products. Tapping into a global economy and connecting with clients from Australia, to USA to South Africa and everything in between. I work with some of the most inspiring individuals I have ever met. The very best in their field.

If you're looking for a way to transition from the corporate world, or simply want to be financially free and have a couple of hours a day (within the nooks and crannies) to devote to a new business venture, then reach out to me today. 

Zandi Shaba